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We’re all about turning nightmares into dreams. Express Tags began in 2014 with an understanding DMV gried. So many struggled with the process of getting their vehicles up to California code. We spend too much time in the DMV trying to register our cars, pass their inspections, and verify them. So, how are we helping San Diego residents save time and money with our DMV services?

Our Mission

We strive to help vehicle owners overcome the complex obstacles of California road laws.

Whether you’re new to the state or an existing resident, no one should have to spend time navigating inefficient DMV services. Express Tags takes the lead on your registration and inspection needs and delivers fast and efficiently.

Our Vision

Express Tags envisions itself as a location that San Diegans trust to keep their vehicles up to California standard without the need to waste valuable time in the DMV.

Our friendly and dedicated customer service has received high critical acclaim across the board as the most effective location to get your automobile registered.

Our Values

Express Tags referrals and top ratings come from the values we incorporate into every one of our services. Those are expertise, adaptability, and efficiency. We believe it’s essential for our team to carry and share them with our clients from start to finish, no matter what tasks we perform. Discover more about why we integrate these values below:


There are a lot of things to know about California requirements for vehicles. Plenty of them has complex paperwork that can be challenging to vehicle owners, especially those new to the state. We use our expertise to guide our clients through their DMV needs clearly and concisely. Never be afraid to ask questions; we’re always happy to answer.


We understand that every motorist has unique needs for their vehicle. You won’t find a more adaptable team than ourselves. Trust us to go above and beyond expectations to satisfy your DMV requirements. The community beats in all of us. We want to be a helping hand in getting your vehicle up to scratch. Not one that puts up roadblocks.


Express Tags has over 10-years of experience in vehicle registrations and the corresponding requirements. We leverage that feature to offer the most efficient DMV services throughout San Diego, CA. Expect an expedited service with quality results. Never worry that we are licensed and accredited by the state of California to cater to DMV needs.



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