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  • Our vehicle ownership transfer services are professional done. Call us

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  • DOJ/FBI Livescan offered same day with no appointments needed.

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  • We Smog years 2000 and newer Vehicles for both In-state and Out-state

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  • Need a VIN Verification for your out of state vehicle? We can Help.

    Price Varies
Vehicle Registration Renewal

Discover the most agile solution to get your vehicle registration renewed. We’ll get your paperwork ready in minutes, whether it’s a renewal or an application. Don’t let the day dwindle as you wait in line at the DMV. Our innovative and convenient registration renewals will have you back legal on the road in no time.

Title Transfer

If you’re transferring ownership or moving your vehicle out of state, title transfers can be a drag. We know what needs to happen in the process. Let us transfer all legal liabilities using our expertise and efficiency by upstart professionals who can get the job done.

Live Scan

We’re taking the hassle out of finding live scanning services in San Diego, CA. DOJ/FBI fingerprinting services are available the same day, with completed results in minutes. We kindly advise our customers that, given the current extraordinary circumstances, please book ahead to speed up the service.

Smog Check

Smog checks are an essential part of California vehicle ownership. Should your 2000 or older vehicle require smog certification, we’re your resource. Our team will perform the service promptly, providing your necessary certificate pending a pass. Note that we can smog-check vehicles from both in-state and out-of-state.

VIN Inspection

We’re licensed to perform VIN inspections for any new or older vehicles. Make sure you bring your identification and all relevant documentation to prove your vehicle’s ownership. We’ll get the job done so you can process your paperwork and get your automobile legal for the road!

Uber and Lyft Inspections

California law requires all Uber and Lyft service operators to get inspected after one year or 50,000 miles on the vehicle. Express Tags is an Uber/Lyft accredited service by the California Bureau to help you get the certificates you need to resume your transport services. We understand that your vehicle is your livelihood - trust us to get the inspection finished quickly.



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